Q & A with Mangata


From Bottles to Beachwear…Sunshine State of Mind

1. What was the pivotal moment that made you start Mangata?

The brand came about from a love of the ocean having grown up on the North Norfolk Coast and the desire to build a lifestyle brand. What developed however became much more than that. I came across the fabric we use made from recycled plastic bottles and that got me researching plastic pollution and the more research I did the more dire I realised the situation was and that my brand needed to focus on more than just how the shorts looked but to try to help and raise awareness of the oceans plight.

2. In what ways is Mangata a sustainable brand?

The fabric is made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles. Our buttons are made from Corozo which is a nut known as vegetable ivory.

Small things can make a big difference, I've reduced our packaging to a minimum, using purely recycled paper, swing tags made from cotton off cuts and compostable mail bags. The shorts are made in small runs to ensure as little waste as possible and I work closely with my manufacturer on quality and durability.

3. What are you most proud of so far in your Mangata journey?

If I'm honest I am proud that I have got this far by myself, its amazing what you can do with no experience and just some determination (and Google!) even from learning the skills to build a website to finding good manufacturers (probably one of the parts I've found hardest). 

There is nothing more satisfying than selling something that you have created and believe in. My stomach still flips every time I get an order.

4. What are your brands core values?

Raising awareness of the extent of plastic pollution and the climate emergency is at the centre of the brand. Through my blog and social media I am constantly trying to spread the word. Fashion is definitely headed in the right direction, accountability is everything right now and this paves the way for a future where sustainability is the only way brands will see success. I have seen a huge amount change in the last 5 years since I started the brand.

5. Any exciting plans for the future of Mangata?

I have new designs being printed as we speak.. my favourite part of running the business is the creative side! I am also expanding our childrens range and have an idea for a men's shirt.. but possibly not in a style you've seen before but we might need to keep that under wraps for now!


Mangata Swim Trunks Pellegrine recycled plastic kids Belts