q & a

Can I exchange a belt?

Of course! For more information, have a look at our returns and exchanges.


Can I return the belt for a refund?

We are a small company with narrow margins, but we pride ourselves on our customer service so will try to help in whatever way we can. So for more information, have a look at our returns and exchanges.


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes!  We are very keen to sell wholesale in the correct outlets so please get in touch!  Our items are usually only for sale at a selected events like Christmas fairs and through this website. If you want to know which fairs we will be at, keep an eye on our Instagram page! 


How can I get involved with beach clean ups myself?

Great question!  Please have a look at the Marine Conservation Society website https://www.mcsuk.org or call them for further information.  Beach clean ups are a fun way to help the environment with friends.  

Go to your local beach, take some hardy gloves or a pick up stick and start collecting!  Please do dispose of your any rubbish responsibly.  You could even re-use what you find & create gifts or artwork!

Where are your belts made?

All our belts are designed in-house at Pellegrine, in Britain. Our webbed fabric from the ocean range is made from REPREVE®, a woven yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, and the woodland range yarn is made from recycled plastic. The recycled plastic and bottles were destined for landfill or our oceans. The rest is made from zinc alloy, rubber elastic and leather, sourced from legitimate companies.  We carefully chose our factories, based in Asia, to be compliant and with good working conditions. Our factory has a SCOPE certificate (Control Union Certifications) and has been inspected and assessed in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard - Version 4.0.


Further questions?

If you have any further questions, please ask us, we would love to hear from you!




Where written, throughout this website, REPREVE® refers to REPREVE® Unifi, Inc.